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University College London Hospitals - Clinical Study

Are you interested in taking part in a clinical study on a novel medical device for the
treatment of reduced salivation (dry mouth) resulting from Primary Sjögren's Syndrome?

What is this all about?
• Reduced salivation (dry mouth) is a common complaint of individuals with Sjögren’s Syndrome. It is a distressing condition which can lead to long lasting oral discomfort, dental infections, diminished quality of life, social isolation and loneliness.
• A novel electronic device has recently been developed to treat dry mouth. The device, acting as a “salivary pacemaker”, is applied into the mouth (similar to a boxer’s mouthguard) for few minutes, harmlessly stimulates nerves of the salivary glands and does not cause adverse side effects.
• We are currently recruiting individuals with primary Sjogren’s syndrome to assess the efficacy of the device and demonstrate whether its daily application is an effective method of lessening dry mouth. The study is sponsored by University College London Hospital Trust and funded by Arthritis Research UK.

To qualify for participation in this study you need to:
• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Have symptoms of xerostomia (dry mouth) due to primary SS syndrome diagnosed on the basis of 2001 EU-USA classification criteria
Other conditions and exclusions apply - please ask for details

What’s in it for you?
• Study participants will benefit from using a novel medication-free therapeutic means that – based on previous research - is likely to lessen their dry mouth sensation
• Apart from helping medical research, you will be compensated for your travel expenses

Want to find out more?
If you are interested in finding out more please contact Chief Investigator Dr Stefano Fedele at 020 3456 1004 or send an email to

A detailed information sheet is available on request.

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