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The Big Sjögren's Walk

The Big Walk

We need you for Sjögren’s Awareness Month in April!
We want all of us to walk 1 mile. Together, walking 1 mile each, we can walk the equivalent distance from Land’s End to John O’Groats - that's over 800 miles!

April is Sjogren's Awareness Month. Let's mark it by getting out there and walking a mile (or more) as often as you like, with as many people as you like. 

You can walk on your own, or with the dog, or with family, friends, neighbours or with other BSSA members in your area. For everyone who walks with you (including the dog) that’s a mile closer to the finish line. 5 of you walking the same mile together gives us 5 miles, and 10 people walking that same mile is 10 miles, so you can see how our mile walks can add up to the equivalent of Land’s End to John O’Groats - if we are in this together. And you can walk as far as you feel able to, on as many days in April as you like. 

It's good to feel part of something bigger than ourselves and be a part of our Sjögren's community.  

So come on, what’s stopping you getting out there and doing a 1 mile walk for Sjogren's Awareness Month, all at the one time or in smaller manageable distances, clocking up the steps and feeling the fresh air. 

How about taking a few photos or selfies, especially if you can include a road sign showing your location. We want to see photos from right across the country.

We've missed you, so please tell us all about your walks by sending the number of miles walked and photos of you and companions (including the dog) by email to  

As April is Sjogrens Awareness Month, let’s all get out there and clock up those steps, walking our own miles but collectively walking the equivalent from Land’s End to John O’Groats.  Tell others all about it and you might even enjoy it too! 

For donations, please visit The Big Sjögren's Walk Just Giving Page


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