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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)


Find out the most up-to-date information and guidance on Coronavirus.

The most up-to-date advice and guidance on the risks can be found here. We would encourage individuals to refer to this information with any concerns.

Versus Arthritis also has some useful information, please click here for details. Huge thanks to them for the link.

We are aware that some members are raising concerns in relation to Covid-19 (Coronavirus), and the risk to their health. Current advice from Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care is that the risk to the general population in the UK is low. 


Some patients, particularly those on steroids and biologics (eg rituximab), will be immunosuppressed, potentially increasing their risk – but there is currently no specific advice for this cohort. There is no evidence that wearing masks reduces the risk to an unaffected individual (although it potentially reduces the risk of transmission). Patients concerned about the risk of infection should take routine precautions such as washing hands properly and avoiding travelling to high risk areas. 



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