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Do you want to be involved in a Patient Insight and Protocol Review session to help co-design a commercially led clinical trial?

The National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN), as part of the Patient Engagement in Clinical Development Service, are looking for four additional individuals living with Sjögren's Syndrome to be involved in a Patient Insight and Protocol Review session to help co-design a phase II commercially led clinical trial with one of the NIHR's Life Science partners.

The NIHR are hoping to host this session towards the end of January at a venue in central London, details of which will be finalised once we have all participants registered, to be hosted at a time convenient for them.

Individuals will be reimbursed £75 for their time and efforts on the day and any travel and expenses will be pre-booked and or paid to you within six weeks.

If overnight accommodation is required, this can be arranged for you in support of this.

The session itself will last up to 3 hours. 

You do not need to have prior experience of clinical trials or similar insight sessions to participate in this activity, though for regulatory reasons you cannot be an active medical professional. 

The following short video highlights some of the key elements of the Patient Engagement in Clinical Development Service and what you might expect should you wish to participate. 

If you would like to register to participate or would simply like further information please contact:

Gareth Powell

t. 0113 343 1264 | m. 07825 121 043


Please note that by participating in this insight activity you are not obliged to participate nor are you excluded from participation in any clinical trial, including this one.

Your information will be not be shared with any third party by registering your interest. You will be able to withdraw at any time and are under no commitment should you wish to register.

Kindest regards,


NB: Please note that the NIHR office will be closed between the 24th December and 2nd January so Gareth will be unable to respond during this time, however, will reach out to you on his return.

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