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BSR Conference 2014

Heather BSR

The BSSA are delighted to have a stand at the Rheumatology 2014 conference in Liverpool which is run by the British Society for Rheumatology.

The conference runs from 29th April to 1st May and this year’s theme is the global burden of musculoskeletal disease which is aimed at all health professionals with an interest in musculoskeletal conditions. Boasting innovative sessions designed to engage the audience through lectures, workshops and networking seminars, the broad programme ensures there is something for attendees of all disciplines.

Pictured right is Heather Stokes, newly appointed Charity Manager, who along with fellow volunteers and colleagues including Barbara, Charles, Sylvia and Brian, has attended the conference on behalf of the BSSA. The team have promoted the charity and its cause by providing information, literature, and promotional material. The BSSA is working hard to educate people about Sjögren’s Syndrome and by attending events such as this, we hope that awareness will be greatly increased within the health care profession. 

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